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Custom Annotated Bibliography from Literary Owls

Are you overwhelemed by your assignments yet you are required to submit a custom annotated bibliography by your professor? You are not alone! Scholars, researchers and students often get stressed up by heavy workloads due to many essays, homework, assignments, research and coursework, among other academic writing tasks that they are required to work on daily. As expected, most students are overwhelmed by this heavy workload.

According to DepEd Tambayan, a platform for both professional and aspiring teachers, students tend to have lower motivation and show symptoms of disengagement and apathy to learning activities due to heavy workload.

An excellent example is when a student has finished a cumbersome research paper, which needed high level of rigor, in time yet they are required to complete an annotated bibliography on the same. By definition, an annotated bibliography is a citation list of documents, articles or books, with each citation being followed by an annotation, or a short evaluative and descriptive paragraph that informs the readers on the source quality, accuracy and relevance.

Due to heavy workload, the student may wonder and ask themselves, “Where can I get help in writing my annotated bibliography?” Furthermore, they may find themselves deliberating about annotated bibliography writing considerations such as;

  • Who can do my annotated bibliography for me?
  • Where can I buy annotated bibliography online
  • Is it possible to buy an annotated bibliography?
  • What if I purchase annotated bibliography?
  • Who can assist me write my annotated bibliography?
  • What is the optimal text length of an annotated bibliography?
  • It is a must for the first line to be indented?
  • What style and format should I follow?
  • What are the unique feature of APA and MLA citation styles?
  • What if I cannot write a paper by myself? Do I purchase annotated bibliography?

All of the concerns stated above can be addressed well by your professor or instructor. However, there are instances when one lacks the knowledge or time to write an annotated bibliography, or other academic writing tasks such as essays and assignments, despite having consulted the professor or instructor.

Literary Owls has a solution for you!

Through its annotated bibliography writing service, Literary Owls has seasoned night owls that are experts in annotated bibliography writing. Our night owls employ original writing techniques and are always ready and willing to write a topnotch paper for you should you decide to buy annotated bibliography online.

What other types of services do we provide?

Other than being a custom annotated bibliography writing service, Literary Owls also boasts of other services such as assignment advisoryediting and proofreadingessay writing advisoryessay writing, proofreading and editingnursing case study advisorynursing essay advisory and psychology essay writing services.

As a rule of the thumb, online-based academic writing help services such as Literary Owls have seasoned professional academic writers as their staff. We fondly refer to these seasoned writers as night owls at Literary Owls. Our night owls can crack any task, be it an annotated bibliography, essay, research, dissertation, thesis, assignment or term paper.

Any person that reaches out to us will only have to place an order and a night owl specializing in that particular field will be assigned to work on it. As stated earlier, our night owls boast of vast editorial experience (ranging from 5 to 10 years), expertise and topnotch language skills that have earned them a reputation of being trustworthy annotated bibliography service writers throughout the time that Literary Owls has been in existence.

How can Literary Owls assist you?

We among the best platforms that offer academic and scholarly academic writing services available in the internet where you can purchase annotated bibliography. All you need to do is search for sites that can “do my annotated bibliography for me” and select Literary Owls from your search results to enjoy our unique benefits.

Literary Owls is a website that annotates for you, since our platform was specifically developed to assist scholars, researchers and students to achieve their academic objectives while enhancing their performance.

Literary Owls provides an array of services, with our night owls that are able to help you at any stage of your academic writing processes.

Our night owls;

  • Perform an extensive research and only use scholarly, peer reviewed and scientific sources
  • Can develop a well-though-out thesis statement.
  • Are able to write an entire paper (or any part it) for you.
  • Possess expertise to write a topnotch annotated bibliography for you.
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Why purchase an annotated bibliography from Literary Owls?

Literary Owls hires night owls with advanced degrees ranging from arts and humanities to social sciences, a vast experiences ranging from 5 to 10 year, as well as those with expertise and topnotch language skills. It is for this reason that our reputation is flawless and unmatched, and out experts are professional and reliable.

So, what makes Literary Owls stand out from the rest?

Experienced annotation writers

Our night owls are more than capable of producing the best custom annotated bibliography writing services since they are not only skilled and experienced but also have advanced degrees in their various fields of specialty. Also, it is worth noting that they speak English as their first language, implying that they can crack even the most complicated assignments that have English as the language of instruction.

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Are you looking for a website that annotates for you, an annotated bibliography app, or just an online platform that writes annotated essay or simply provide essay annotated bibliography services? If so then you are in the right place.

Our team of night owls have unmatched expertise in writing superior annotated bibliography tasks at costs lower than all other platforms. Therefore, we are pretty much affordable to any scholar, researcher or student that needs help with their assignments!

How to format an annotated bibliography

Formatting an annotated bibliography can be a daunting task to some students. Take for instance a student that does not know the kind of sources to incorporate into their writing. Such a student will find it hard to come up with an excellent annotated bibliography.

Most students confuse an annotated bibliography with the bibliography/references/works cited. Yet, they are entirely different. This arguably the first and most significant mistake made by students. An annotated bibliography was earlier defined as a citation list of articles, for instance, followed by a short evaluative and descriptive paragraph. On the other hand, bibliography/references/works cited is a simple list of sources used by the authors to create their work.

Citation styles for an annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography is almost always in APA or MLA formats but, instances of Chicago and Turabian are unsurprising. However, APA and MLA formatted annotated bibliographies are explored for the purpose of this article.

APA annotated bibliography

The American Psychological Association (APA) style is a renowned citation format whose handouts and manuals can easily be accessed online. In this style, annotations are in the form of summary and evaluation of sources in a 100-300 word paragraph, containing such source information as;

  • Author’s name,
  • Date of publishing,
  • Retrieval information (web address or hyperlink), and
  • Page numbers.

Given than APA citation formats vary from institution to institution, be sure to consult the material or guide provided by your instructor to know the exact format required. This ensures that annotations are structured properly and following all the requirements stated by the professor/instructor.

MLA annotated bibliography

According to Purdue OWL, MLA (or the modern language association) style is among the most commonly employed citation styles in academia yet, specific framework for writing an MLA-formatted annotated bibliography is not provided by the official MLA Handbook.

Nonetheless, below are a few hacks on how to write a MLA-formatted annotated bibliography when instructed by your professor;

  • List the sources in alphabetical order by authors’ names,
  • Use double spacing,
  • List sources by titles when authors’ names are unknown,
  • Book and article titles should be italicized,
  • Book and article titles should be placed in quotation marks for short stories, essays and book chapters annotations, and
  • Ident the first line of all sources.

In a nutshell …

An annotated bibliography comprises of two features, namely citation and annotation.

  • Citation: formatted a style specified by the professor for the paper.
  • Annotation: 100-300 words in length in a single one paragraph although its subject to assignment requirements.

Ideally, an annotation should have the following at the minimum;

  • Author’s background,
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the source,
  • Short source summary,
  • Source relevance,
  • Source conclusion,
  • Source link to other studies in that particular field, 
  • Analysis of research strategy where appropriate, and
  • Personal opinion regarding the source

Literary Owls is the go-to annotated bibliography writing service

Are you struggling to write an annotated bibliography? Whatever the deadline or sources required, our night owls can assist you! We promise 100 percent satisfaction since Literary Owls’ custom written annotated bibliography guarantees the use of the most current, top quality sources for your paper and referenced as per the instructions presented.

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Register or sign up with us by creating a profile as is in any other platform. At Literary Owls, we do not require a lot of information about you. All that is required is your email address with which your account will be created.

In this step, the project details as well as own perspectives regarding the project are required. These will assist our night owls to provide scholarly writing consultancy as per your specifications. We are inclined towards a robust plain-language strategy, where project descriptions and specifications are given in a language that is plain and engaging. Remember to include the retrieval information (as outbound links) for the sources/pages that you prefer or require in your project.

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Once an order has been placed, our team of night owls will each have an opportunity to view it whereas those that deem themselves competent enough to provide well-grounded scholarly writing advisory will place their bids. You are then able to pick one that you feel is best suited to help you. Once picked, the night owl commences working on your project right away. Catch:
You can engage your night owl directly to discuss additional project details.

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Literary Owls boasts of a flexible payment options and plans as we accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or American Express. There are no additional payments or hidden charges, and payment made is only for what is ordered. Payment is only released to the night owl selected upon your satisfaction and approval. You can reach our support team if the work delivered is unsatisfactory and request for a full refund. This means that you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by using our platform!

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At Literary Owls, our primary goal is to stand out as a leader in scholarly writing consultancy!

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